Episode #056: #EverythingsCancelled


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It's lockdown, baby! With every concert and event being cancelled or postponed for the foreseeable future, it seems like a grim time to be an idol fan. Luckily in these dark times, the NMBros are here the discuss the latest NMB news including, a bunch of photobook announcements, a bunch of comebacks such as Queentet, Hinacho, Mikana, and podcast favorite program Episode 1! We go on a deep discussion about the ending of the long-running series, NMB to Manabukun, highlights from the slew of YNN streams, and more. Be sure to stick around until the very end to hear our reports on some BREAKING NEWS regarding the sudden 23rd single announcement!

Join us and the growing international NMB community on Discord! On this server we talk about all things NMB and more, some discussion topics may even be used in future podcast episodes! NMB48 Internacional https://discord.gg/4R4RrYC If you have questions and comments about the show, feel free to post them in the comments section, hit us on email at nmbtakoyaki.party@gmail.com or contact us on Twitter Geoff https://twitter.com/GeoFreak17 Matt https://twitter.com/matto_matt0 Ryan https://twitter.com/frowndog06 Timestamps 1:35 - Shiroma Miru Solo Concert Announced 3:18 - Koga Narumi Photobook Announced 4:50 - Murase Sae Photobook Announced 7:30 - Showroom Contest Recap Hara Karen vs. Shinshin 18:25 - Episode 1 Season 2 Announced 2 3:45 - Queentet Comeback 29:08 - Namba Hinata Hiatus Comeback 29:56 - Yamamoto Mikana Hiatus Comeback 33:30 - NMB to Manabukun Ending 52:05 - #EverythingsCancelled 1:01:45 - BREAK 1:02:30 - Streamsylvania 2020: Coconaroid Video 1:03:35 - Streamsylvania 2020: NMB Stages Streamed and Judged By Fellow Members 1:10:15 - Head to Head Theater Show Streams Against NMB 1:14:11 - Streamsylvania 2020: YNN Streams 1:28:10 - Meta Topic Discussion: Watching Concerts in Person vs. Watching Concerts via Stream 1:47:03 - Tangent about Gamestop idols, Matt's NMB island in Animal Crossing 1:57:06 - BREAKING NEWS NMB'S 23RD SINGLE ANNOUNCED AND SENBATSU REVEALED #NMB48 #23rdSingle #村瀬紗英 #白間美瑠 #山本彩 #山本望叶 #梅山恋和 #山本彩加 #吉田朱里 #石塚朱莉 #YNN #MuraseSae #ShiromaMiru #YamamotoSayaka #YamamotoAyaka #YamamotoMikana #YamamotoCocona #IshizukaAkari #YoshidaAkari #NMBとまなぶくん #idols #Japan #podcast

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