Rabbit Hole Recap: Week of 2020.02.10


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This week Marty and Matt discuss:

- Dropbit CEO arrested for running a centralized mixing service called Helix and a dark market search engine called Grams

- Self payments lightning privacy proposal

- Coldcard releases PSBT Faker tool for testing

- Tor Browser v9.0.5

- Tails v4.3

- Wasabi implements Apple Code Sign

- Escher App demos paying any lightning invoice with your connected bank account

- Liquid support on Bisq goes live

- Anon submits Taproot critique to mailing list

- Chainalysis has been paid over $10M by US gov agencies

- A world without bitcoin thought experiment by Alex Gladstein

- US Federal Budget Proposal Mentions More Cryptocurrency regulation and enforcement

- Trump admin to introduce new FinCEN requirements

- Redditor posts IRS audit request

- If US Marshals never sold seized bitcoin they would currently be worth over $1.8B

- Casa releases home defense primer

- CNBC clip

- Coronavirus Close Contact app

- CIA owned encryption company facilitated global spying for decades

- The Chinese Gov allegedly hacked Equifax

- Yandex facial recognition tool

- FTX launches US elections futures markets for top 6 candidates

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