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Rick and Deb - Zero Emissions Musicians

[caption id="attachment_768" align="alignright" width="248"] Debra Lee and Rick Denzien of Lyra Project[/caption]

Lyra Project is a music duo fronted by Debra Lee with husband and music partner Rick Denzien, since 2001. They have collaborated together and with others, create & perform music with a universal humanitarian and spiritual message of compassion, peace, forgiveness, tolerance and inner transformation. Themes have expanded to include social and environmental issues.

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bäh-fō StudioWorld class recording engineer, Rick Denzien, P.O. Box 567 • Ambler, PA 19002

DenLee Studio DenLee Music Studio is affiliated with Bah-fo Recording Studio, a professional-fully commercial production recording facility, located in the same building.

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