Online Communities, Fallout from the Salmond Trial and a Masterclass in Dealing with Online Trolls / with Janey Godley


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Stuart and Eamonn are joined by comedian and author Janey Godley to discuss the growth of online communities and activities, media reactions to the fallout from the trial of Alex Salmond, and tactics for dealing with online trolls. Stuart, Eamonn and Janey also share their personal media recommendations.

Stuart's recommendations:

  1. Online streaming service, 'Means TV'
  2. Irish arts and literature magazine, ‘The Moth’


  1. BBC documentary series 'Great Train Journeys', Lisa St Aubin de Terán episode
  2. 'Mozambique Mysteries' book by Lisa St Aubin de Terán
  3. 'Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr Paul Farmer, A Man Who Would Cure the World' by Tracy Kidder


  1. BBC Scotland programme, ‘Up for It’
  2. BFI on YouTube
  3. Live comedy by 'The Stand'

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