Devin Masters (Oxford Grey) - Talk Music To Me #26


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Devin Masters

Devin Masters is the vocalist and guitarist for Oxford Grey. He joins us to talk about reuniting his band after a decade, the loss of local venues and trying to rebuild momentum after a crippling year-long pandemic.

Oxford Grey's EP Memories on Spotify:


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Music played:

Oxford Grey

"Napalm and Loaded Shells"

Memories [EP]

Oxford Grey

"Still Love (To Still Hate You)"

Memories [EP]

The Ain't Rights

"Nazi Punks Fuck Off"

Green Room (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Intro song:

Titus Andronicus

"Titus Andronicus"

Live at Monty Hall, 9/8/2016

Outro song:

Joshua James Hunt

"On My Mind"

Just Let Go

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