Jason Navarro (Suicide Machines, Hellmouth, Break Anchor) - Talk Music To Me #22


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Jason Navarro

Back in March the Suicide Machines released their first record in fifteen years. If you've listened to any of our recent episodes you know how much we love it. Needless to say we were super excited to talk to Jason Navarro. He opened up about the dangers of coming up in the Detroit punk scene, collaborating with Ice-T, and his favorite – and least favorite – Suicide Machines records. We also get some stories from his time touring with No Doubt.


Purchase the new Zombii track "Can't Get Enough" on Bandcamp

Bands we discussed
  • Break Anchor
  • Discharge
  • Hellmouth
  • Ice-T
  • J. Navarro & the Traitors
  • Negative Approach
  • No Doubt
  • The Suicide Machines
  • X
  • Zombii

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Music played:


"Can't Get Enough"


The Suicide Machines


Revolution Spring

Intro song:

Titus Andronicus

"Titus Andronicus"

Live at Monty Hall, 9/8/2016

Outro song:

Joshua James Hunt

"On My Mind"

Just Let Go

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