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Nick Passey

Nick Passey plays in the folk punk band Folk Hogan. He recently released his debut solo album called Just Working Thru Some Shit. He joins us to talk about getting comfortable with failure, being an atheist living in Salt Lake City, and covering Bad Religion on the banjo.

Bands & records Nick Passey recommends

For Heidi by Jeff Dillon

Bands & songs we discussed

  • Diesel Boy - "Punk Rock Girl" - Sofa King Cool
  • Flogging Molly - "Within a Mile of Home" - Within a Mile of Home
  • The Interrupters - " By My Side" - Say It Out Loud
  • Mad Caddies - "She" - Punk Rocksteady
  • The Menzingers - "Alpha Kaa Fall Off a Balcony" - A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology
  • The Menzingers - "The Shakes" - Shocking [EP split with the Bouncing Souls]
  • Red City Radio - "In the Shadows" - Sky Tigers
  • Teenage Bottlerocket - "Don't Go" - Stealing the Covers
  • Turbonegro - "All My Friends Are Dead" - Party Animals
  • The Vandals - "And Now We Dance" - Live Fast Diarrhea


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Intro song:

Titus Andronicus

"Titus Andronicus"

Live at Monty Hall, 9/8/2016

Outro song:

Joshua James Hunt

"On My Mind"

Just Let Go

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