The Jukebox Romantics interview! - Talk Music To Me #9


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The JukeBox Romantics

The Jukebox Romantics have been hitting the road hard for nearly a decade and their strong work ethic is paying off. They were recently signed by Paper + Plastick and are about to release their best record yet. Guitarist and vocalist Terry joins us to talk about his unique take on punk rock, the sacrifices touring musicians must make, and the key to keeping a band together.

Video for "Breaking Rad", the first single off Sleepwalk Me Home (due out next month).

Bands & songs we discussed

  • Miguel - "waves (Remix) (feat. Kacey Musgraves)" - Rogue Waves
  • Puscifer - "The Mission 'M is for Milla Mix'" - "C" Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference Here) [EP]
  • Puscifer - "Money Shot" - Money Shot
  • Rancid - "Bloodclot" - Life Won't Wait
  • Rancid - "Evil's My Friend" - ...Honor Is All We Know
  • Rancid - "Something to Believe In a World Gone Mad" - ...Honor Is All We Know [Extended]
  • Varsity Week - "Anyways" [Single]
  • Wild Cub - "Thunder Clatter" - Youth



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