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Do you write tests for your code? You probably should. And most of the time, pytest is the industry standard these days. But pytest can be much more than what you get from just installing it as a tool.
There are many amazing plugins that improve pytest in many aspects. That's why I invited Brian Okken to the show to tell us about his favorites. Listen in and your Python testing will be faster, stronger, and more beautiful!
Links from the show
Brian Okken: @brianokken
Brian's pytest book: amazon.com
Test & Code podcast: testandcode.com
Test & Code 104: Top 28 pytest plugins: testandcode.com/104
The list of plugins
pytest-sugar: github.com/Teemu/pytest-sugar
pytest-cov: pypi.org/project/pytest-cov
pytest-stress: github.com/pytest-dev/pytest-stress
pytest-repeat: github.com/pytest-dev/pytest-repeat
pytest-instafail: pypi.org/project/pytest-instafail
pytest-metadata: github.com/pytest-dev/pytest-metadata
pytest-randomly: github.com/pytest-dev/pytest-randomly
pytest-xdist: pypi.org/project/pytest-xdist
pytest-flake8: github.com/tholo/pytest-flake8
pytest-timeout: pypi.org/project/pytest-timeout
pytest-spec: pypi.org/project/pytest-spec
pytest-picked: github.com/anapaulagomes/pytest-picked
pytest-freezegun: github.com/ktosiek/pytest-freezegun
pytest-check: github.com/okken/pytest-check
fluentcheck: github.com/csparpa/fluentcheck

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