30 Essential Korean Verbs For Intermediate Learners


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We’ve picked 30 of the most commonly used intermediate-level Korean verbs for you to learn and use! 0:17 이기다 to win 0:41 지다 to lose 0:51 결혼하다 to marry 1:08 버리다 to throw away 1:25 잡다 to hold, to catch 1:43 잡히다 to be caught 2:00 이용하다 to use, to take advantage of 2:20 확인하다 to check, to verify 2:40 떠나다 to leave 2:58 돌아오다 to come back 3:16 가져오다 to bring 3:36 이해하다 to understand 3:54 설명하다 to explain 4:14 표현하다 to express 4:33 결정하다 to decide 4:52 대답하다 to answer 5:10 준비하다 to prepare 5:29 인정하다 to admit, to accept 5:52 움직이다 to move 6:08 정리하다 to organize, to clean, to tidy up 6:28 청소하다 to clean 6:48 기대하다 to expect, to anticipate 7:07 빌리다 to borrow 7:24빌려주다 to lend 7:45 선택하다 to choose 8:05 가르치다 to teach 8:26 배우다 to learn 8:45 소개하다 to introduce 9:07 포기하다 to give up 9:26 비교하다 to compare

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