Dave Dorman: Iconic Star Wars Artist of Comics and Covers


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Dave Dorman is one of the greatest Star Wars artists of all time.

Since the early days of the Expanded Universe, Mr. Dorman’s art has been some of the most iconic images of a galaxy far far away. From Dark Empire to Tales of the Jedi, Dark Forces and beyond, it was a real treat getting to dive in a little bit more into his process.

As you know, we don’t typically release episodes on Saturdays ... but this is a special episode, brought to you by our friends at Coolwaters Productions, who are currently doing an autograph signing with Harrison Ford. After the interview, we are then joined by Coolwaters President Derek Maki for about 15 minutes worth of a Ford Signing Q&A.

(And there probably won’t be an episode this Wednesday, just knowing what Tuesday night has in store and my mental headspace, so I wanted to make sure this at least was published now!)

Here's a direct link to the exclusive Indiana Jones print we were talking about, as well as a ton of other options for the Harrison Ford signing: https://coolwatersprods.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=9&products_id=2158

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