Misty Rosas: Performance Artist for The Mandalorian's Kuiil the Ugnaught


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SHE has spoken: Misty Rosas, performance artist for Kuiil the Ugnaught, from The Mandalorian, is on the show today.

Misty’s story is incredible and her talent is unmatched, so I hope you enjoy her stories about getting the role, working on set, and listening to Nick Nolte’s lines every night, as much as I did. More topics include:

- Her first professional role … at Disneyland!

- Working with Stan Winston Studios on Congo as a Gorilla Artist.

- Stunt work on movies like Hunger Games - Catching Fire and Van Helsing

- The audition process for Kuiil, as well as the costume built by Legacy Effects

- Working within The Volume, especially with each director (Dave Filoni, Deborah Chow, Rick Famuyiwa)

Make sure you are following her on Instagram, @MissMistyRosas

Upcoming interviews include pre-pro legend David Dozoretz, the geniuses at BLIND Limited, and author of the Glove of Darth Vader series: Paul Davids.

And, this was a secret, but starting next week, we’ll be doing live video recap shows for The Mandalorian every Friday night, partnering with our friends at Scener. More info to come, but I cannot wait.

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