Unitarian vs Trinitarian Debate ~Kenneth Joel vs Josh Gibbs~ Did Jesus exist in the Old Testament?


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In this episode I am debating a "biblical unitarian" regarding the nature of God. He will defend the unitarian POV which says the Father is the one person of the Godhead while the son is 100% man with no divine nature while the Holy Spirit is simply an impersonal force used by the Father to accomplish his own will.

As a trinitarian, I will establish the 3 persons within the one being which we call God. He is complex in nature yet very clearly identified as 3 persons throughout the entire Bible. Jesus was not a created being yet existed with the Father and Holy Spirit from eternity past. We will draw out the discussion and nail down the differences in our views on God and ultimately the impact one's view of Jesus has on the gospel itself. We are taking calls at the end if anyone wants to call in At 816-866-0025!

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