#121 Johnny Z And I Talk Over Bio-Dome


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We talk. We drink. We movie. About Bio-Dome: Bud (Pauly Shore) and Doyle (Stephen Baldwin) get simultaneously dumped by their eco-conscious girlfriends, Monique (Joey Lauren Adams) and Jen (Teresa Hill), in the middle of the desert. Needing a bathroom, the two friends enter what they think is a mall but soon realize is a high-profile, secure biological experiment. As they engage in a year-long battle with Dr. Faulkner (William Atherton) and the other scientists, Bud and Doyle are forced to confront the recklessness of their behavior. Release date: January 12, 1996 (USA) Director: Jason Bloom Box office: 13.4 million USD Budget: 15 million USD Screenplay: Kip Koenig About our guest Johnny Z: I run MediaTech Ventures, which maintains a portfolio of software and professional services firms: ● Gamerjibe (Virtual community/events platform) ● Sweet Success Magazine ● Emerse (P2P Music platform) ● Thrills (Immersive/experiential events) ● Cinestage (SVOD for theater) ● Flash Data Transfer (Data compression and delivery software) ● Front 7 Rush (Defensive Fantasy Football) ● Blended Sense (Production services + technology) ● Global Media Initiative (GMI) Learn more at https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnzozzaro/ Get at us: Email: TalkingDuringMoviesPodcast@gmail.com IG: @TalkingDuringMovies

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