Finance Judgment-Free Zone: Asking For Financial Help With Shawnna Weber


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In the society we live in, there seems to be this whole shadow of fear around being judged on asking for help with your finances. Contrary to that, people shouldn't have to because financial knowledge is very necessary for the sustenance of our business and lives. Helping you get over that fear of asking for help and support with financial services, Traci DeForge and Eric Brotman invite over to the show Shawnna Weber, the founder and CEO of Edgewood Business Solutions. What barriers keep people from asking for financial help, and when is the best time to do so? What should business owners start thinking about when building a business to sell? How can you prepare yourself for that financial conversation with your advisors? Shawnna answers these questions and more. Get inside this necessary discussion to find the financial guidance that you need. Don't worry; this is a finance judgment-free zone.

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