Bonus Episode #4: Lucy and Saul in conversation with Matt Oliver - Horticulturist at RHS Hyde Hall supervising the Global Growth Vegetable Garden, and growing some UK record Giant Pumpkins...


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From time to time Lucy and Saul decided they wanted to record conversations with other Head Gardeners, Curators, Garden Owners and fellow horticulturists across the UK, these will be published as Bonus Episodes alongside their usual format of chatting about their gardening lives. We hope you enjoy.
For the Bonus Episode #4 we're excited to be talking to Matt Oliver, horticulturist at RHS Hyde Hall in Essex, where he supervises the Global Growth Vegetable Garden, a showcase of vegetable growing both the usual varieties and unusual edible crops from around the world. Matt also successfully grows Giant Pumpkins having broken the UK record for outdoor grown pumpkins twice while using the world's most expensive Pumpkin seed.
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