Bonus Episode #7: Lucy and Saul in conversation with Katherine Potsides - Head of Shows Development for the RHS - we discuss the effect of the pandemic on the Show's Calender as well as looking forward with renewed vigour for 2021...


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From time to time Lucy and Saul decided they wanted to record conversations with other Head Gardeners, Curators, Garden Owners and fellow horticulturists across the UK, these will be published as Bonus Episodes alongside their usual format of chatting about their gardening lives. We hope you enjoy.
For the Bonus Episode #7 we join up with Katherine Potsides - Head of Shows Development at the RHS, responsible for putting together all the RHS shows content including show gardens and floral exhibits. We have a chat about how the pandemic has severely changed the shows of 2020 and look forward with renewed vigor at the 2021 shows season. She also lets us into her personal journey and her overriding love of giving people visiting the show sites a snapshot of our wonderful industry.
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