Ep.25 - A milestone reached in the podcast for Lucy and Saul, so they reflect on why they started the podcast, say a big thankyou to everyone who listens and reflect on what the podcast has meant to them...


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Lucy and Saul are fully aware that the world has taken a monumental shift - the Coronavirus outbreak has left our little bit of the world in Horticulture reeling both personally and professionally. So we both decided that instead of our longer format episodes every 3 weeks or so - we going to record shorter podcasts, through the week, to bring you a slice of our lives at East Donyland Hall and Stonelands and beyond - trying to bring a little bit of spring and sunshine to your eardrums.
We've reached the 25th Episode of the Talking Heads podcast, which feels quite a milestone for Lucy and Saul, so we have a good chat about why we started the podcast in the first place, what it means to us to be doing it and how its changed since the start of the year, and also say a big THANK YOU to all those listeners, contributers and commenters that have made putting this whole podcast together such a privilege and incredibly enjoyable.
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The Talking Heads Theme music re-recorded by listener and talented Mandolin player Mike Giverin (@MikeGiverin)

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