Episode 45 - Sending Your Scribe to John Grisham's Place


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Everyone sing along. It's Tom Merritt's birthday.
Today, or tonight really, we're tackling a topic we've spoken of before, cloud computing. Yeah, that was back in episode 12, that file is long gone....
Today at work there was a presentation about G Suite for education. Hey the university gets google tools for free! Also, no ads, and no data collected. So that's cool, and that's why we're talking about this tonight.
What's the deal on those things that Picard signs? Is he accepting TOSs? Hey, wait, in TOS Kirk was always signing things!
We like the cloud stuff, and we're pretty excited about the whole thing coming to the university. We also talked a bit about Luba Goy and Billy Van.
Hey, Isabelle took pictures of us!
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