Tao of Tech Ep. 8 - Miscellaneous Tech Ramblings


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We're back to the tech talk this week on the Tao of Tech. I've titled the show Miscellaneous Tech Ramblings because I discus several different topics this week. First, I do a review of the Plantronics GameCon 777 Surround Sound Headset. I had to replace my old headset, and picked up the GameCon 777 as the replacement. Check them out here http://bit.ly/cRjT4j I had some hands on time with the 3G iPad recently, and I share my thoughts about the device this week. Was my original assessment correct, or was I blown away by he iPad? Listen and find out. Have you played Angry Birds for your iPod touch/iPad yet? If no, check out my assessment of the game. For more info and screen shots on Angry Birds, check out their website http://bit.ly/agI2F6 or do a search for Angry Birds in the Apple App store. Did you know that Australia can now search your electronic devices for Pornography upon entry into the country? Well they can, and do. More details can be found here http://bit.ly/bnR9vT As is the way of technology, Facebook has updated it's privacy settings to be "simpler" to use after I did a 30 minute show on adjusting your privacy settings. Are the new settings good or bad? You can decide for your self, but here is some food for thought on the topic http://bit.ly/cyGp2c In a very welcome update, the NetFlix app for the Roku player has been updated to allow for searching and adding of watch instant movies right from the player. Very nice. http://bit.ly/d8aFfL Find out why I'm so angry at Belkin and Linksys wifi routers @TRREED made a bitstrip about the Tao of Tech. Check it out here http://bit.ly/cPqetu Lastly, I hosted the Dead Hunt Q&A show last week. I interviewed Dead Hunt author Kenn Crawford and Renee Chambliss, who narrates Dead Hunt. We spent a good 50 minutes talking about Dead Hunt. I really enjoyed hosting the show, and I think you will all enjoy listening to the show. The Q&A show will be in the normal Dead Hunt feed

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