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Crowdfunding Advisory Services “CAS” MKG Tax Consultants provides startup crowdfunding advisory services to meet the SEC Eligibility Requirements for Form CF submissions to regulated funding portals for issuer offering or selling securities in reliance on the exemption in Securities Act Section 4(a)(6) and in accordance with Section 4A and Regulation Crowdfunding (§ 227.100 et seq.) One of the biggest changes the SEC has implemented is the legality of “finders” receiving commissions or payments for brokering deals and introducing investors to issuers, syndicators, developers, etc. Before this change, only broker-dealers were allowed to receive compensation for such deals. With the new changes, these finders can now legally receive these commissions and other transaction-based compensation from issuers. The ability to legally monetize your connections is something many have been waiting for for quite a long time! Exempt private offerings have traditionally served an important role in providing capital for smaller and medium-sized companies, often along their path to the public markets. Overview of Amended Capital-Raising Exemptions Tax, Accounting, Audit, Assurance and Advisory Service Advisory & EDGAR Filer Service Drafting SEC Form C, D “Test filing” Unaudited consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (U.S. GAAP) Annual Report Disclosure Requirements Account reconciliation Financial data for the prior two fiscal years (including total Assets, Cash and cash equivalents, Accounts receivable, Short-term debt, Long -term debt, Revenues/sales, Cost of goods sold, Taxes paid and net income, Forecast reports Voluntarily Benefits/ Protect Your Most Valuable Resource Initial Consultation Fee $360 USD Pay Now Crowdfunding Advisory Services $3,000 USD Pay Now “Benefits” Save time and money by streamlining financials “Exempt Offering” registration, reducing overhead CPA audit cost to facilitate access to capital investments. Reg CF will increase from current limits $1.07M to $5M Regulation A Crowdfunding will increase from $50M to $75M

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