Unpacking the new ITE requirements with Pauline Barnes and Alex Gunn


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In this interview Pauline Barnes (General Manager, Teaching Council) and Alex Gunn (Chair of TEFANZ and Associate Dean of Teacher Education at the University of Otago) discuss the new requirements for initial teacher education programme approvals which were introduced in July 2019. Alex and Pauline explore why the requirements were developed, some of the ins and outs of the new approach to programme approvals, and the critical role providers and their partners have in shaping their programmes so that graduates can meet the Standards/Ngā Paerewa (in a supported environment) from day one in their new teaching career. A transcript of the interview is available here: https://teachingcouncil.nz/sites/default/files/ITE%20requirements%20interview%20trancript.pdf This is not an episode of Teaching Today podcast.

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