E19: Dyad Reading: Academic and Attitude Outcomes with Third Graders with Dr. Kit Mohr and Jake Downs


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Welcome to Episode 19 of the Teaching Literacy Podcast.

Partner reading is a common practice in many classrooms, but how does one form of partner reading, dyad reading, influence the academic and attitude outcomes of students? Today my guest Dr. Kathleen Mohr and I address this very question. This show is an exciting one for me, because Dr. Mohr has been my mentor during my doctoral program at USU and we are discussing a study that we conducted and published together.

Dr. Mohr is a professor of language and literacy at Utah State University. Her research interests include comprehension as a cognitive process, supporting struggling readers, and effective practices for teaching English Language Learners.

In this episode we describe what dyad reading is, how it’s evolved over the past few decades, the results of our study, and end with ideas for how you can implement dyad reading in your classroom.

This episode has plenty of takeaways for your classroom. Once the interview is over, stick around for my two cents on the subject.


Downs, J. D., Mohr, K. A. J., & Barrett, T. S. (2020). Determining the academic and affective outcomes of dyad reading among third graders. The Journal of Educational Research, 113(2), 120–132. https://doi.org/10.1080/00220671.2020.1755615

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