CCM "Summer School": Episode 2 - Gnosticism


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As we begin our tour of historic heresies, we begin with Gnosticism, which actually pre-dates Christianity in origin, but quickly became one of the chief heretical movements that the early Church had to contend with. Learn about this esoteric belief system, how it tried to corrupt Christian orthodoxy, and how some aspects of gnostic thought still exist today.
CORRECTION: Towards the end of this podcast I start to say that St. Irenaeus mentions the Gospel of Judas in his work, Against Heresies, but then correct myself and say it was Eusebius and St. Cyril of Jerusalem. Well, it turns out that my first impulse was right! St. Irenaeus does indeed mention the Gospel of Judas by name. Eusebius and St. Cyril mention the Gospel of Thomas. My apologies for getting these sources mixed up!

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