Monty Heath: Navy SEAL, Father, Veteran Ambassador, TNQ Speaker


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In the studio this week, we have Monty Heath, a decorated veteran from Navy SEAL Team 2 and Red Squadron, a former supervisor for the U.S. Navy SEAL mentorship program and BUD/S preparatory program, helping veterans develop their entrepreneur goals, a father who has endured the harrowing, near-death experience of his eleven-year-old son, and who has successfully undergone supervised psychedelic treatments to facilitate psychological introspection. Monty brings a myriad of life lessons and incredible experiences to the table in this week’s TNQP episode.

In this episode you will hear:

  • If I want something, I have to put 100% into it. I can’t just half-ass what I want.
  • I’ve learned a lot from failure.
  • When I started working as a Special Olympics skiing instructor, that’s where humanity entered into my life.
  • I wanted to be a corpsman, but I didn’t want to help people. I wanted to hurt people. That’s why I got out of it.
  • All my friends were SEALS; all my friends were cool; all my friends were good-looking; we live these privileged, bad-ass lives, but what about someone who’s born with Down Syndrome?
  • [Special Olympics] It chipped away at my arrogance, and it installed humility.
  • As a self-punishment, I didn’t want to go work for the super cool guy organizations. I want to be with common people and common soldiers.
  • We have to be uncomfortable to grow and evolve.
  • Monty’s 11-year-old son, George, had what started as a bad headache. That quickly developed into his spine hurting, then continuing to degrade, until it was determined in the hospital that he had contracted Bacterial Meningitis He slipped into a coma and “coded” as he lay in Monty’s arms dying. He slowly began to recover, but spent 51 days in the hospital & was paralyzed. Yet, some of the first words he spelled out for his mom were: “you and dad complete each other.”
  • The idea of waking up and writing down what you’re grateful for can be a life-changer.
  • Gratitude & attitude and gratitude is like a see-saw. If your gratitude is high you can’t have a bad attitude.
  • I started to understand the power of being vulnerable. It’s disarming.
  • Ibogaine therapy will make you go through your trauma, and make you come out on the other side better. I suggest every human being on the planet experience it. Communication & relationships to me is like new.
  • Empathy is an important thing in life.
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