TNW 116: Apple vs. FBI Part Deux


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  • Jeremy Burge of provides an emoji update — a look back at 2019, what's to come in 2020, and how to submit your own emoji proposals.
  • Bloomberg's Mark Gurman talks about the latest round of Apple vs. FBI RE: iPhone encryption.
  • Melissa Hellmann from the Seattle Times gives us the low-down on anti-surveillance gear and how to remain anonymous in the age of surveillance.
  • Jason goes over Wired's recent Q&A with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.
  • Mikah shares the "Decorum Guidelines" for President Donald Trump's impeachment trial; Senators won't be bringing in any electronic devices.

Hosts: Jason Howell and Mikah Sargent

Guests: Jeremy Burge, Mark Gurman, and Melissa Hellmann

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