63: Christina Crook - Savor the Experience of Disconnecting


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In episode 63, Christina Crook joins us for a conversation about how to savor the experience of disconnecting from technology. Christina is the founder of JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out, where she helps people find balance in the digital world and connect with others again – outside of technology.

In this episode, Christina starts by telling us the story of her digital detox, where she disconnected completely from technology for 31 days. This is where her story begins. Since then, she’s learned that restricting technology use actually enhances her experience of freedom in her life, helps relationships bloom, and ultimately brings more joy into life itself.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What motivated you to pursue the Joy of Missing Out? (4:20)
  • How does restricting technology use help you experience more freedom? (10:58)
  • How did you get focused on joy? (19:35)
  • How can people navigate the demands of technology to experience joy? (24:42)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How to cultivate the joy of missing out. (0:56)
  • Why people experience fear around potentially missing out. (7:15)
  • Why technology cannot bring joy into life. (23:29)
  • The benefits of making a decision on how much you use technology. (33:01)

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