66: Amy Giddon - Engage in the Collective Experience of Expression


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In episode 66, Amy Giddon, Co-Founder and CEO of Daily Haloha, joins us for a conversation about her app that functions as an alternative to existing social media platforms. It provides a structure within to engage in social networking more mindfully.

Throughout our conversation, Amy shares her personal story about what inspired her app. It all started in the fall of 2016 around the Presidential Election and all that unfolded. She felt disheartened by how the process created such a stark divide between people. With these circumstances, Amy was determined to find a way to find connection again in the wake of division and create a collective experience of expression and sharing.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What inspired you to create Daily Haloha? (4:31)
  • What went through your mind as you developed Daily Haloha? (12:42)
  • How does Daily Haloha help promote a new way of connecting with others? (22:13)
  • What’s the plan for giving people a channel for expression without the opportunity to seek popularity and status? (41:04)
  • How can people learn more about Daily Haloha? (49:18)

In This Episode, you Will Learn:

  • How to break the cycle of compulsively checking social media to seek out a “reward.” (2:03)
  • How the Subway Therapy project transformed Amy’s perception of connection. (6:46)
  • What 4 core attributes of a project unite anonymous strangers in a moment of shared humanity. (14:25)
  • How perpetual feedback and judgment impacts our wellbeing and connection to others. (19:19)
  • What role empathy plays in Daily Haloha. (30:51)

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