Has Software Development Shifted From the Construction Paradigms? — Dmitri Saveliev on Technology


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Dmitri Saveliev is a startup veteran with an extensive Silicon Valley background. His experience in developing banking software for Fortune 500 companies has prepared him to lead a venture of his own, ServiceWhale. Derived from his own personal frustrating experience shopping for a heating and cooling system for his home in Princeton, NJ, Dmitri founded ServiceWhale in an effort to create a true market for home improvement shopping where pricing is easily obtainable and the experience is similar to that of how consumers shop for most products and services online.

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What You Will Learn in This Episode
  • How ServiceWhale saved 1.5 man-years by using existing frameworks and APIs instead of reinventing the mousetrap.
  • Why it has been diffifult in the past to find a "big-ticket" service provider for home renovation projects and how ServiceWhale is helping.
  • How Dmitri manages a development team spread across 5 timezones.
  • How the object-oriented "purist" developers in the past did more harm than good.
  • The problems you need to focus on when building your tech company.

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