#19 - MTV Veteran and BAFTA Winner Muki Kulhan on Bonding with Ozzy Osbourne & the Future of Immersive Entertainment


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BAFTA Award winning Executive Immersive/XR Producer and fellow transatlantic import Muki Kulhan (@mukiapproved) joins Cassandra Rae on this week’s #TellItLikeItIs podcast to talk about her 20 year career creating groundbreaking content for music, broadcasting, and entertainment. Cassandra and Muki delve into everything from her time developing mobile games for The Osbournes to what is XR? and how it can help the arts industries during lockdown.
The Muki-International Founder and Chief Innovation Officer looks back at her whirlwind career at the forefront of the 90s digital revolution at MTV, alongside her decision to go it solo, working with A-List clients like Universal, Live Nation, the BBC and Marvel, and what songs she’d choose if she she could only listen to six.
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