#20 - Culture Expert Michal Levison on Using Food to Combat Loneliness at Work, Pivoting Her Plans Following a Career Ending Injury & Separating Jewish Culture from the Religion


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Since launching Seasoned Moments, culture expert and future of work leader Michal Levison (@SeasonedMoments) has been on a mission to use food as a gateway to create relationships, fight burnout and fuel innovation. Michal joins Cassandra to talk about her work, how ‘Zoom meals’ are combating loneliness during COVID-19, and how she pivoted following a career ending injury as a classically trained pianist aged just 17, all on this week’s episode of the #TellItLikeItIs podcast.
Michal also opens up about the differences between growing up in Israel, vs the fast paced mentality of 1980s New York, how her Jewish upbringing shaped her attitudes to food and family, and the first hand horror stories of working in advertising that taught her that it’s better to do speak up, and apologise later.
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