American Patrol - Picking Up Where America Left Off


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In spring 1945, the world was deliberately deceived by, first off, The Nazis, and later, The Allies, that Adolf Hitler died in his Berlin Führerbunker. All sorts of rationalizations for this outrageous cover-up were employed; but the fact remains that this grave sin against our world and outrageous offense against every single person and his loved ones who fought, suffered, sacrificed and died at the wicked hand of Adolf Hitler, made it possible for National Socialism to clandestinely live on, and prosper. The Third Reich did not 'end' in 1945; it went underground, only to re-group, re-brand and re-emerge, globally. The world now suffers The Nazi 4th Reich, plotted for six decades, fronted by the man who fraudulently presents as "Barack Hussein Obama II". Who just so happens to be the grandson of The Führer. Aka Obama's mother is the 'secret' daughter of Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler. The utterly fake identity, Stanley Ann Dunham, as well as the utterly fake identity, Barack Hussein Obama II, were carefully created and 'established' by means of false documentation, to disguise their actual origins. Today on TERRIBLE TRUTH Radio Show we pay tribute to United States Army Captain Glenn Miller, who volunteered his services to direct the United States Army Air Corps Band as it entertained war-weary Allied Troops. Glenn's untimely 1944 death at age 40 is but one consequence of permitting evil to hold political power. DATA AND RECORDING COPYRIGHT © 2015 MARTHA TROWBRIDGE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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