Mangling The Soul: Nazi Imperatives


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America - and the world - is greatly suffering from synchronistic evil acts of a cabal of Nazi Underground political leaders. How did this come to be, and why? This show airs a 1943 World War II animated film by Walt Disney entitled Education For Death: The Making Of The Nazi. The information conveyed is essential for all who wish to comprehend what we face in this [literally] Occult Nazi Fourth Reich, commanded out of The White House, by Adolf Hitler's grandson, Bâri' Hitler Shabazz, a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama II. He, in concert with covert Nazis globally, many of them the descendants of Hitler's high-level Nazi operatives, are not only retaliating against countries that brought about the military defeat of Hitler's Third Reich - in particular, America and Russia. They are hell-bent on actualizing Hitler's Neuordnung - New Order - deceitfully rebranded as the New World Order. That is: "One World Under The Nazi Reich." What goes into "the making of the Nazi"? Why do today's Nazis work so passionately for The Reich? Why is no moral consideration ever given to their acts? DATA AND RECORDING COPYRIGHT © 2015 MARTHA TROWBRIDGE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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