Nacht und Nebel: Hitler's Hit on U.S. Army Major Glenn Miller?


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The bizarre disappearance of World War II Army Air Corps Band Director, United States Major Glenn Miller, for years, the Entertainment Industry's Arch-Enemy of The Führer, bears too many Hitler Hoofprints to be dismissed with 'nothing to see here.' What's more, important building blocks of the "Obama" Identity Fraud scam originate in Miller's body of work. Please tune in to this important History Channel overview of the known details of Major Miller's airplane disappearance on 15 December 1944. Was Miller the victim of Hitler's demonic Nacht und Nebel decree? Was he 'without a trace' kidnapped to Germany, tortured for his staunch anti-Hitler witness, and killed? Why were The "Obama" Conspirators so vested in incorporating Miller's work into their launch of the Nazi 4th Reich? DATA AND RECORDING COPYRIGHT © 2015 MARTHA TROWBRIDGE. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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