200: Recovering Myself with Ryan Haddon


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"You check the substances at the door but you get this pass to be able to live with this way of running your life so you're always in a step, so to speak," certified Life and Spiritual coach, Hypnotherapist, and certified Meditation teacher Ryan Haddon shares, opening up 4 minutes in about the disease of denial (otherwise known as addiction), the not good enough and not enough voice that propelled her toward alcoholism and co-dependency, and how working the steps proved to be the first practical, spiritual program for living that made a miraculous difference.
Ryan talks about the affection she feels toward her ex-husband, a gentle compassion that comes from being in the trenches together and seeing him now as the teacher he is, how dating emotionally unavailable men may sound like a heroic plea for love but is really an invitation to have a mirror held up to your face, why the best question to ask yourself at the altar of your relationship is, what am I bringing? and how true love can happen in a moment when you're toiling and conscious of your wounds and trauma. In other words, don't wait for perfection, but do stay in your lane and grow out the good in you.
Plus, so many more gems.

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