203: Telling The Universe He's Done with Dr. Dain Heer


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Renowned author, speaker, facilitator of consciousness and change, and the co-creator of Access Consciousness, Dr. Dain Heer joins Chelsea for a deep conversation. That seems like a given and, yet, in hearing this episode back it hit me that the depth in this conversation really is multi-dimensional. Not only will hear how being the only white kid in the neighborhood taught him about judgment, but you'll hear about the dynamic abuse he suffered at the hands of women—an experience that awoke the seeker in him.
We spoke about how putting suicide on the agenda pushed him out toward life, the question you can ask yourself to see whether you're telling yourself a lie or hearing your truth, how we have a hand in building the wall of judgment that separates us in relationships, why freedom means knowing you have choice, and how the belief that we're only good and successful in relationship, if we make it last forever is harming our growth. Plus, so much more.
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