205: Humanizing The Comedian with Jordan Power


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Known as the clown, the monkey, the deviant with the Famous Anus and the person at the party who says the uncomfortable truth, comedian and host of the Unmentionable podcast, Jordan Power brings to the mic a rarer side of himself in this episode—one that’s deeper, darker, and a little off brand. It’s the side of himself that he’s always wanted to be loved for—his brain and cerebral take on the world.

In episode 205, Jordan opens up about how comedy became a defense mechanism that he’s cleaved to in the darkest moments of his life, a tool that both saves him and makes him a slave to the chuckles. He talks about where his deepest insecurity—being unlovable—and his heaviest fear—that no one will stay—originated, how he lost 20 years of his life as a result of not being able to be open, candid, and shamelessly gay, why he'll no longer be divulging his sex life on his new podcast, and how confronting his own mortality on a regular basis keeps him zoned in and balls out.

This conversation is everything that Thank You Heartbreak hopes to embody—depth, darkness, bursts of laughter, wide-eyed commentary and shameless self-critique.

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