MBA1495 Q&A Wednesday: How do I shift my team to remote work?


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Let’s tackle the most FAQ about business in the COVID-19 era.

It’s Q&A Wednesday, and one of our listeners (actually, make that a ton of our listeners) is suddenly forced to run a team remotely. How the heck do you manage people who are nowhere near you?

We definitely have this one covered.

Our company has always been remote. We currently have about two dozen employees spread across 4 continents, working, collaborating, and succeeding together despite being literally oceans apart. It’s not a hassle — it’s an advantage.

Don’t just cope with switching to remote work. Embrace it!

As more and more teams go remote, we predict that many or most will prefer it. Once people learn to love the autonomy and results-driven approach that works best with remote teams, businesses might never look back — even after coronavirus is under control.

Learn how we manage our team remotely, as we always have. See why the switch to remote work might just be the silver lining your business could use right now. Click Play!

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