The 100 S7 E2 Recap and After Show: Who wants to break out of Eden????


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Gabriel, Echo, and Hope went through the anomaly and learned what happened to Diyoza and Octavia. It wasn’t what they expected but being in Eden allowed Octavia to heal and for us to see the leader and woman Diyoza was before the rebellion and prison ship. When those mothering instincts kick in they allowed both women to want the best for Hope. The Garden got a snake when the mystery prisoner burst out smashing not only Gabriel’s ‘ipad’ but the hope to reach Bellamy! Who we may not have seen but his spirit weaved throughout as Octavia experienced regret and yearning to connect for forgiveness as well as warn about the Prime! ‘The Garden’ brought us back to healing and hints of what we may find when we make it to ‘Bardo’ from Sky Ring where Diyoza and Octavia are being held. Neither woman is the person that Echo remembers after Hope casually mentions neither women trained her instead it was Dev that taught her fighting skills.

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This The 100 After Show was hosted by: Hayley Graves @Haley1Graves2, Jorge-Luis Pallo @TheElJorge, Cherry Davis @cherry_LA, and Gunner Thomas @thegunnerthomas

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