Weekly Space Hangout - Guest: Joseph Mallozzi, Producer, Writer & Showrunner for the Stargate Franchise


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Host: Fraser Cain ( @fcain )Special Guest: This week we are excited to welcome Joseph Mallozzi to the Weekly Space Hangout. Although you may not know his name, most of us certainly recognize — and love — many of the television shows Joe has produced, written, and/or run.

Joseph Mallozzi is a Canadian writer, showrunner, and producer with over 20 years experience in the television industry. He has over 350 hours of produced television to his credit in addition to 100+ hours as both a writer and a showrunner.

Joe has worked primarily in the sci-fi genre, most notably on the Stargate franchise (SG-1, Atlantis, Universe,) Dark Matter (a show he created and ran for three seasons,) and, most recently, Utopia Falls for Hulu.

Regular Guests:

C.C. Petersen ( http://thespacewriter.com/wp/ & @AstroUniverse & @SpaceWriter )

Michael Rodruck ( https://sites.psu.edu/mrodruck/ & @MichaelRodruck )

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This week's stories:

- Mars, Mars and, oh yeah, Mars.

- Spacecraft arriving at Mars.

- Weird landslides on Mars.

- Water on Mars.

- Alpha Centauri super Earth?

- Falcon Heavy selected for the first Lunar Gateway launch.

The SETI Live interview with Avi Loeb:


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