234: Anger and Healthy Relationships with Dr. Christian Conte


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Emotions are my love language, and I’m all about learning to really feel our emotions...every single one of them. But some emotions are easier for us to feel than others, and there’s one that I find most people struggle with: anger.

Anger often scares us because it’s intense, and when it’s unmanaged, it can lead people to do some pretty hurtful things. But anger isn’t a bad thing (in fact we need it), and I think it’s time we start talking about it a whole lot more.

Our guest today, Dr. Christian Conte, is one of the world’s leading experts on anger and emotional management. Dr. Conte has worked with top athletes, MMA fighters, people in maximum security prisons and some of the toughest people on the planet to help them integrate anger and other uncomfortable emotions in their lives, and he is full of wisdom to help us do the same thing.

Not only do we explore how to manage our emotions in this episode, but we also talk about Dr. Conte’s “Yield Theory,” a powerful tool to cultivate more empathy for others, and ways we can use this empathy to create healthier relationships with anyone in our life.

Listen to discover:

  • How to see emotions as a signal of what we need in life and how to process them in healthy ways
  • The two emotional systems we all have
  • The power of extreme empathy and learning to see the world through other people’s minds
  • How to give each other presence vs. going into “fix it” mode
  • The importance of non-attachment in shifting our perspectives and understanding our emotions
  • Letting go of past hurt and anger and healing relationships

Anger is like fire. It can be destructive if not contained, but it can also be the fuel that powers us to recognize what we need and move forward in life. I hope this episode will help you get more comfortable with anger and other intense emotions, learn how to integrate them in a healthy way and become a more whole person as a result!

“Emotions come and go. Actions cannot be undone.” - Dr. Christian Conte

“Your brain is being impacted by everything you encounter.” - Dr. Christian Conte

“The reason people get stuck in emotion is we get stuck in the story about the emotion.” - Michelle Chalfant

“We need anger to fuel us and to make us move forward in life.” - Michelle Chalfant


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