235: Holistic Healing with Dr. Nicole LePera


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While our go-to image of mental health might be a couch in a therapist’s office, the world is slowly changing (and I’m SO glad it is!). Don’t get me wrong...I’m not anti-therapy (I’m a therapist myself), but I think it’s only part of the equation. I believe we need more.

I believe true healing must be holistic, looking at our experiences from every angle and using methods that heal body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Nicole LePera is a kindred spirit when it comes to holistic healing, the creator behind one of my favorite Instagram accounts @the.holistic.psychologist and a self-healing guru that I am thrilled to finally bring on the show! Drawing from psychology, spirituality, the mind/body connection and more, Dr. LePera believes mental wellness is for everyone and we all have the power to heal ourselves with the right tools (can I get an amen?).

In this episode, Dr. LePera shares her own story of transformation, her philosophy of self-healing and tools you can use to regulate your nervous system, figure out who you are and what you need and change limiting patterns in your life by turning in and tuning in.

Listen to discover:

  • The power of consciousness and being in the present moment
  • The nervous system’s role in healing
  • The importance of breathwork
  • The power of journaling to create consciousness and set intentions
  • How to update and rewire programming
  • Interdependence and how to be healthy in relationships

Dr. LePera believes healing begins by going inside and connecting to self, and I couldn’t agree more (it’s ALL about awareness)! If you’re on a journey of transformation, I hope this episode encourages you to look at your healing through a holistic lens and reminds you that you have the power (and tools) you need right where you are.

"We need to understand the whole being in an integrative way, and I believe we need to expand the tools we're practicing outside of therapy as well." - Nicole LePera

"You can be awake but still not be fully in the body and conscious about what you're doing." - Michelle Chalfant

"There isn't one universal way to heal." - Nicole LePera

"My goal is to empower within so we can cope with the ever-changing without." - Nicole LePera

"With conscious effort, every single day, a little bit of something...we do find that people can change. We REALLY can change." - Michelle Chalfant


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