236: How to Stay in Your Adult Chair During the Holidays


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The holidays are almost upon us...and if holidays didn’t already come with stressful situations, now we get to navigate the holidays in 2020! A contentious election with families split across political lines, delicately balancing celebrations with COVID-19 concerns and the general stress of this year have the potential to add chaos to an already busy time of year.

But with The Adult Chair, you have the tools you need to stay calm, centered and balanced even in the middle of the holidays. No one can steal your joy or your power unless you let them, so in this episode, I’m giving you three essential steps to staying in your Adult Chair...all the way from the time the Thanksgiving turkey is carved until the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s.

Listen to discover:

  • 3 steps to staying healthy during the holiday season
  • How to refuel and recharge even on busy days
  • The power of acceptance in dealing with difficult people or situations
  • The difference between acceptance and agreement
  • The importance of boundaries

The key to having a healthy holiday season is to not lose yourself among the demands of others. This is why most of us struggle at the holidays — there is so much competing for our attention (plus, old, unhealthy patterns that we get pulled back into) that we lose connection with ourselves and we feel stressed, frazzled and lost.

So, this year, if you only remember one thing, focus on staying connected to yourself. Remember who you are, and you can have a really lovely holiday season.

"The moment that we lose our emotional balance and slip into story and assumption, we have lost our joy and our power and our happiness." - Michelle Chalfant

"Have hope that [someone] might change some day, but drop your expectation of them to change." - Michelle Chalfant

"The moment we can accept someone fully, the triggering becomes far less." - Michelle Chalfant


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