240: Expanding Consciousness with Dr. Dain Heer


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What if you had far more say over your life than you realized? What if you could create the reality you want...just by changing your perspective?

As we learn more about energy and consciousness, one thing is becoming clear: our biggest limitations are the ones we put on ourselves, and with awareness, so many possibilities open up to us!

In this episode, I interview the fascinating Dr. Dain Heer about expanding consciousness and creating our reality. A practitioner of a method called Access Consciousness, Dr. Dain shares his incredible story of going from feeling unhappy and wanting to die to experiencing unbelievable peace in his life using the tools and techniques of the Access Consciousness model.

Listen to discover:

  • How to change the default mode network of the brain
  • How to shift the electromagnetic signals of negativity and judgment (and how this changes everything!)
  • How to clear emotions and beliefs you picked up from others
  • Simple tools and techniques to remove limitations
  • How to view this season in the world as a chance to become better

This episode ends with Dr. Dain leading us through an Access Consciousness process and let me tell you, it was powerful! I hope this episode helps open your mind and shift your perspective to see the possibilities all around — and most importantly, within — you.

“Not only do I have a level of peace that’s growing in my life, but when it wants to go away, I’ve got a way of changing it.” - Dr. Dain Heer

“98% of your thoughts, feelings and emotions are things you’re picking up from other people.” - Dr. Dain Heer

“Your point of view creates your reality.” - Dr. Dain Heer

“Everything is energy. We’ve got to pay attention to our thoughts and our feelings and our emotions and our beliefs.” - Michelle Chalfant


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