241: Ending Anxiety and Becoming Empowered


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Who is ready to get rid of the anxiety of 2020 and move into a more empowered 2021? I know I am! Anxiety is something all of us have felt during this crazy and difficult year. Maybe for you it’s a familiar feeling that has been turned up to full blast or maybe you’re finding yourself battling with anxiety for the first time in your life. It can feel consuming and hard to break out of.

But you have more power than you realize...power to transform your anxiety and move forward into a more healthy, peaceful and balanced life no matter what is going on around you. In The Adult Chair, we define anxiety as “the physical manifestation of unfelt emotions.” Thoughts create emotions, emotions get pent up inside the body and then these (often unconscious) emotions rattle the nervous system. We have to get to the root of this for anxiety to change!

In this episode, I’m giving you two simple steps and five tools to do just that. These will show you how to work through your emotions, calm anxiety and walk into a more empowered future.

Listen to discover:

  • What really causes anxiety
  • The two quick and easy steps you can take to begin calming your anxiety now
  • Five free tools you can use at home to eliminate anxiety
  • How to feel empowered during and after anxiety

During the episode, I walk you through a mindfulness exercise so you can actually begin calming your nervous system and lowering your anxiety WHILE you listen! That resource is at minute mark 10:28-13:34 so you can go back and find it anytime you need it.

I hope this episode gives you straightforward action steps that you can take to get rid of anxiety and live with more freedom and a sense of power in your life!

“Becoming really, truly aware of what anxiety is is step #1 to really getting into your power.” - Michelle Chalfant

“The ego says, ‘Do more and you’ll feel better.’ But it doesn’t work. It’s an illusion.” - Michelle Chalfant

“When we sit and just think and think and think about what’s going with us, it’s a treadmill. It doesn’t solve anything.” - Michelle Chalfant

“Taking action is what brings our power in.” - Michelle Chalfant


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