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The Podcast Panel of #SGCAL.

On day #2 of Global Scrum Gathering – San Diego, Vic (@AgileCoffee) is joined by Cory Bryan (@isCoryBryan – host of Deliver It Cast), Ryan Ripley (@ryanripley – host of Agile For Humans), Josh Anderson (@nosrednAhsoJ) & Bob Galen (@bobgalen) [co-hosts of the Meta-Cast], Bob Payne (@agiletoolkit – host of the Agile Toolkit Podcast), and Paul Wynia (@workagile – host of the Agile Games Podcast) for a live Q&A session in packed room.

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The panel took topics from the audience and asked questions to each other.

Topics included:

  • How do you find people to interview?
  • How much preparation do you do?
  • What does the pipeline look like?
  • How do you start?
  • What’s in it for you, the podcaster?
  • Why it’s important to build a brand.

ALL NEW PODCAST – Vic is starting his newest audio adventure: PATH, a journey into servant leadership. Look for the first episode coming soon in May 2017. Subscribe now on iTunes.

Vic was interviewed on episode 34 of AgileNext, a podcast by Daniel Gullo and Stephen Forte. Check it out at

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