S2 E131: Author Ben Mezrich on predicting COVID-19, Bitcoin and more!


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Dennis talks to author Ben Mezrich about how his book “Q” predicted COVID-19 and that the dozens of virologists he interviewed were worried about this exact scenario. They also discuss Bitcoin, the Winklevoss twins, working on the TV show Billions, and how he just finished a serialized novella he wrote for The Boston Globe called “The Mechanic”.

Dennis then talks about finishing ESPN”a Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance”, Survivor host Jeff Probst, wearing face masks in LA and San Francisco, and the NFL offering incentives to teams who hire black coaches.

He also explains his belief that the country will be over as we know it if Democrats take the White House, Senate and House, Liberals war-gaming the virus, a bar in Baltimore whose employees would rather receive unemployment than go back to work, Twitch, Cary Grant and the notion that COVID-19 might be spread by farts.

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