AF 195: Entrepreneur, International Speaker, Artist and Mom of 2 Kristina Mand-Lakhiani


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Robyn talks to Kristina Mand-Lakhiani about her experience as an entrepreneur, international speaker, and artist.

She started her career in a government office in her native Estonia and, by her mid-20s, achieved a level of success mostly known to male politicians at the end of their careers. It was shortly after that Kristina and her husband Vishen founded Mindvalley. From a small meditation business operating out of the couple’s apartment in New York, the company quickly grew into a global educational organization offering top training for peak human performance to hundreds of thousands of students all around the world.

Kristina believes life is too important to be taken seriously and makes sure to bring fun into every one of her roles: as a teacher, mother, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and world traveler. Kristina helps her students to virtually hack happiness by taking them through her unique framework.

Kristina advocates that everyone is 100% responsible for their happiness and is entirely in charge of their own life. Whether it’s singing her two children to sleep, playing the harp, going on a solo trip to the Amazon Jungle to recharge, or joining groups of entrepreneurs, such as Maverick1000 on Richard Branson’s Necker Island, Kristina is set on taking in every moment and invites us to do the same. Her honesty and authenticity are breathtaking in a genuinely educational conversation on dealing with emotions and searching for the true meaning of happiness.

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