Ed Ruscha and Jimmy Iovine on How Art Can End the Trump Era


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One of the most salient images of America's tattered democracy is Ed Ruscha's Our Flag, a startling painting of Old Glory, shredded and flapping against a dark sky. Ruscha painted it at the request of his longtime friend, music impresario Jimmy Iovine, who has loaned it to the Brooklyn Museum, which has been transformed into a polling place for the 2020 election. Ruscha and Iovine are giants of American ingenuity and success. Ruscha, one of America's most treasured contemporary artists, is known for his California cool aesthetic and stunning word-and-image canvases, and Iovine is lauded for his contributions to music, working with the likes of John Lennon, Patti Smith, Bruce Springsteen, and Tupac Shakur; founding Interscope Records and Beats with Dr. Dre; and launching Apple Music.

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