Spooky Corner: Doppelgängers, Evil Twins, Uncanny Doubles


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Corrie and Brian coming to you live from Salem, Massachusetts! In episode three of the Spooky Corner series, Corrie & Brian do a deep dive on doppelgängers, evil twins, and uncanny doubles. Mythological history, common (and not so common) incarnations in film, real life ghostly doppelgänger sightings, a possible ghost recording? This episode is a doppel-banger. AHB YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/c/TheArtHistoryBabes Check out our Patreon for bonus episodes: www.patreon.com/arthistorybabes Website: www.arthistorybabes.com Insta: @arthistorybabespodcast Twitter: @arthistorybabes Email: arthistorybabes@gmail.com

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